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This privacy policy may be changed at any time.
Agreement relating to confidentiality.
IP Addresses recording and their geolocations
Our servers can detect the IP Address of Users connection through the Internet. These IP addresses and their geolocations are recorded by our servers for internal use only (optimal use of downloads, protection against thieves, etc.).
Use of cookies
We use cookies for Users convenience by saving the connection to the site (thus avoiding unnecessary reconnections). We do not use tracking methods.
Exceptional disclosure of personal data
We may be required to disclose Users personal data in order to protect our legal rights or where disclosure of Users personal data's are required of us by the judicial authorities only when legal procedures are followed
The advertisements on our website are offered by other companies. They can use information about Users visits in order to target content which will potentially interest Users (Name, mailing address, etc. are excluded from these data).
Files links that Users download are stored in a database for legal concerns and our internal use. All saved links are erased within 1 month for security reasons and service needs. However all requests made on our site are stored for 1 year, the legal retention period.