What is premium link generator
A premium link generator allows you to download instantly at the best of your internet speed any files available on download platforms such as Uploaded.to and many others without any restrictions !
How to use your service
Please visit how to use page to see the tutorial
Is your service legal ?
Our service is legal, we do not store files that you download and we do not display links to illegal files. However, we and our host could not be held responsible if you download this type of content through our services.
Which type of file hosting do your services support?
You can see the complete file hosting services list at the home page.
Can I resume my downloads?
Yes, you can resume downloads and you also have the possibility to download multiple files at once without waiting time and at the best of your internet speed.
How long do my downloaded links live ?
Your downloaded links alive for 6 hours.
What is your maximum file size ?
The maximum file size is 1GB.